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Consistency, repetition, measurement & analysis = body transformation

  While this article is about the key pillars of body transformation, I want to start by telling you the story about when I saw a live game of rugby league for the first time. But bear with me, because I do get to the point! I remember going to a State of Origin* game […]

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Get some sleep, your quality of life depends on it

  When you think about it, sleep is a strange concept. We literally spend around a third of our lives completely out of it. If we live until we’re 90 years of age, that’s 30 years of our lives spent in blacked out nothingness. That’s a long time! But the thing is, if we don’t […]

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The mythical force of willpower

  Before I share everything I’ve learned about willpower, it might be a good idea to grab a pen and paper and take notes. There is a lot of information I’m about to tell you, and I will be talking about many of the topics listed here individually in future articles. But this is a […]

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Environmental design helps you take control of your life

Why is it so hard for us to replace bad habits with good habits, even when we know we should lose the fat and gain the muscle? Why do we find ourselves in the drive-through lane of our favourite fast food restaurant, when we know we should be eating nutritious food? Why do we decide […]

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Is decision fatigue derailing your health progress?

Decision fatigue is real! Have you ever said “yes” to someone just because you didn’t want to hear them go on and on again about why you should do it? Even when you know you shouldn’t, you say “yes” anyway. And have you ever said “no” for the same reason? The person you’re interacting with […]

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