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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this 12-month habit-based nutrition program all about?

In a nutshell, it’s the latest nutrition and change psychology research delivered online to help you achieve your weight loss and healthy eating goals. Because it’s based on habit and behaviour change, instead of just telling you what to eat and when to eat it, you’ll be far more likely to achieve long-term sustained body re-composition success.

Check out this video of people who have been through the program before…

If I sign up, what can I expect?

As a Precision Nutrition Level One certified Nutrition Coach, I have access to the world’s leading online nutrition software system – ProCoach. Created by one of the world’s most respected exercise and sports nutrition companies, ProCoach has been tried, tested, developed and improved upon with nearly 50,000 clients from every corner of the globe.

  • You’ll practice and learn new healthy habits every day. The decisions we make on a daily basis are often by force of habit, particularly those we make all the time, such as the food we eat. The best way to achieve lifelong weight loss and well-being is by creating new healthy habits that become your natural everyday behaviour.
  • More energy, strength and weight loss than you’ve experienced in a long time.
  • No more restrictive or extreme diets. You won’t be told what to eat and when to eat it. Those types of programs have been scientifically proven to fail. Instead, you’ll choose what to eat and when to eat it.
  • Your life will carry on as normal! You’ve got a life to lead, and I don’t think your world should be turned upside down because you want to get your weight and eating habits under control. Instead, I’ll find out all about who you are first, then work with you to achieve your goals.
  • Receive support and accountability every step of the way. If you’ve got a question or hit a roadblock, I’m just a few short taps of the keyboard away. You can contact me via the ProCoach messaging system at any time you want, and I’ll get back to you ASAP. You’ll also be asked to check-in every day to let me know if you’ve practised your habit or not. As a Monthly Plus, Quarterly or Yearly subscriber, we’ll also chat via phone or Skype periodically throughout the program.

100% money back guarantee

I’m so confident in the quality of the program, that if you don’t look, feel and move better at the end of the program, I’ll give you back all of your money, no questions asked. I want to take away all of the risks for you so you can concentrate on the program with worrying about anything else. I can’t be any fairer than that.

To qualify for the money back guarantee, you must:

1. Remain in the program for the full 12 months
2. Adhere to at least 75% of the program
3. Submit measurements and progress photos when required

If you follow those three points I guarantee you will achieve success, or I’ll give your money back.

What sort of weight loss results can I expect?

Well, that depends. Not exactly the answer you want to hear, but it’s impossible to say for sure. What I will say is if you stick with the 12-month program, you will enjoy profound physical and psychological changes that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Check out this video showing the results of just some of the people who have been trained using the ProCoach system…

Tell me more about how you teach new daily habits

nutritionist | weight loss | health coach | precision nutritionThis goes to the heart of what the program is all about. You’ll practice a new habit every day for two weeks. Every day you’ll receive an email with the habit you’ll be practising for that day, and information about that habit. For example, you may be practising the habit of eating lean protein at every meal. With your daily email, you’ll receive an article, audio file or video explaining why eating lean protein at every meal is fantastic for weight loss, among many other benefits. These articles, audio files and videos are no longer than 10 minutes, so you’ll be able to read, listen to or watch them over your afternoon cup of tea, or before you go to bed.

You also receive an email at the end of each day asking if you’ve practised your habit for that day. You just need to push a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ button to check-in. This is designed to keep you accountable to the program.

Sounds like a lot of work!

If you’re looking to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, this program is not for you. To be honest, in my experience, drastic weight loss is usually followed by drastic weight gain. Restrictive and extreme diets are unsustainable for any longer than a few weeks for most people, and they usually end up right back where they started, if not worse.

By signing up for this nutrition program, you must be prepared to play the long game to ensure you lose the weight you want, and keep it off forever. That’s why we practice habits every day, and learn about them along the way through videos, articles and audio files.






How do you track progress?

nutritionist | weight loss | health coach | precision nutritionEvery two weeks you’ll be asked to take measurements of your progress. These include jumping on the scales and recording your weight, and using a tape measure to record body girths. Every four weeks you’ll be asked to take front, back and side photos as well. Plus, every couple of months you’ll be asked to complete surveys to provide subjective feedback on how you’re feeling and how you think you’re going, among other factors.

All of your activity is recorded on your own client ProCoach dashboard. This not only includes your progress measurements and survey answers, but also whether you’ve been reading the articles, listening to the audio files and watching the videos, and how you’ve been answering your daily habit check-in. You can see in photo, numerical and table form what sort of progress you’re making. This is all designed to ensure you stay accountable to me, the program, and most importantly, yourself.

I also have access to my own ProCoach dashboard where I see the progress of all my clients. A good coach knows when to stand back and get out of the way, and when to get involved. If I notice you’re progressing through the program well and you’re seeing excellent progress, I’ll stay out of the way apart from sending the odd ‘well done’ and digital ‘high five’ your way. If I notice you’re veering off track or not adhering to the program, I’ll get in touch to find out why and steer you back on course.

Can I contact you throughout the program?

It’s important that we have open lines of communication throughout the program, so I encourage you to send me a message through the ProCoach dashboard at any time you like. It’s a bit like sending an email or text, and I will receive a notification at my end informing me that you’ve sent a message. You can ask me questions, discuss challenges you may be facing, or anything else you want to talk about, and I will get back to you within 24 hours from Monday to Friday (but usually sooner).

I still don’t quite understand the ProCoach dashboard

Check out this video to see how the ProCoach dashboard functions on both a laptop and Smartphone.

What diet philosophy do you teach?

That’s the beauty of ProCoach, there is no diet philosophy. If you’re a vegan, Paleo disciple or can’t live without meat, I’ll work with you and your food preferences to ensure you achieve your health and wellness goals without turning your lifestyle upside down. And if you have any food intolerances, I will work with you around those as well.

However, I do believe in a number of nutrition principles, such as eating:

  • whole, minimally processed foods
  • lots of plants
  • enough protein to meet your needs
  • a healthy mix of different fats
  • plenty of water; and
  • carbohydrates based on activity levels.

Can I pause the program?

No. The program is designed to fit in with your real life. Unlike strict diet plans, the ProCoch curriculum has been created so that no matter what situation you find yourself in, you can make healthy choices. If you’re going on holiday, have a friend’s wedding coming up, or you know the Christmas/New Year period is going to be challenging, the skills you learn throughout the program will ensure you stay on track to reach your body composition goals.

Who is your ideal client?

Anyone who wants to:

  • eat, feel and look better
  • improve their health
  • lose body fat; and
  • change their body composition.

Is there anyone who isn’t suited to the program?

If you’re any of the following, this program isn’t for you:

  • bodybuilder or physique athlete
  • athlete preparing for a specific event
  • elite athlete already in great shape
  • in need of a ‘quick fix’ or short-term nutrition plan
  • anyone wanting to pack on muscle, maximise strength gains, or any other sport specific goals

Let’s say I’m interested, what should I do next?

The next step is simple. Just choose a payment plan that suits you best, fill out your name and payment details, and I’ll do the rest. Or, if you’ve still got questions that haven’t been satisfactorily answered for you here, you can either send me a message via the online contact form, or call me on the mobile phone number at the top of this page.

What happens when I subscribe?

nutritionist | weight loss | health coach | precision nutritionYou’ll receive an email with a link to activate your account, create a username and password, and log into your client dashboard. Once there you can set up your account (this only takes a few minutes), and fill out a comprehensive assessment form. This provides me with the information I need to understand you and your lifestyle, and tailor my coaching to you.

You’ll also read some information about how the program works, and watch a few videos from Dr John Berardi, founder of Precision Nutrition (the creators of ProCoach). This will give you a solid base of what you can expect from the program, and how it works to help you achieve your goals.

After you activate your account, complete the assessment form, read the introductory information and watch the videos, the program will start the following Monday. You’ll receive your first email with your habit to practice, information to read, watch or listen to, and check-in to complete.



What happens if I want to leave before the program is over?

You are not locked into a contract, so you can leave whenever you choose. The payment plan you have chosen will determine when your payments end:

  • Monthly subscription – you won’t be charged beyond the current monthly payment period
  • Quarterly subscription – you won’t be charged beyond the current quarterly payment period (you save $352 with this plan)
  • Yearly subscription – as you have paid in full, you will forfeit any outstanding pro-rata amount (you save $549 with this plan)

While you are free to leave at any time, the program has been specifically designed to progress through a change arc based on the latest nutrition and change psychology research. You will experience some incredible moments towards the end of the program, and I would hate for you to miss those. As such I encourage you to stay with the program for the duration. As I mentioned earlier, you must be prepared to play the long game for lifelong success.

What happens after I complete the program?

The goal is to create a set of healthy habits throughout the program that will remain with you for life. At the end of the program, you will have the tools and confidence to lead a healthy life and maintain your weight loss forever. You’ll be completely self-sufficient and armed with a wealth of knowledge. As such, if I’ve done my job properly, I will have worked my way out of a job.

However, some people do like to go through the program again. After all, practice makes perfect, and the more you do something the better you get. But the choice is completely yours.

OK, I’m ready to join, what should I do?

That’s great news! You just need to choose your payment plan, fill out your name and credit card details, and subscribe.




100% Money Back Guarantee*

12-month nutrition coaching program (powered by ProCoach)

24/7 instant messaging via the online dashboard

Daily emails with lessons and habit practice information

Regular progress measurements in table and graph formats

Complete gym AND home based training programs

Savings (compared to Entry Level)



Per month




per quarter

Save $336 (22% discount)





Save $427 (28% discount)

Congratulations on making a fantastic choice. I can’t wait to join you on your journey to the body you’ve always wanted.

I’ll see you on the other side…

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