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Monthly Subscription

nutritionist | weight loss | health coach | precision nutrition

Congratulations on taking the first important step in your journey to creating the body you’ve always wanted, while creating healthy eating habits that will stay with you for life. After all, that’s the secret to success, creating healthy habits that you will perform on auto-pilot forever!

As a monthly subscriber, you’ll get:

1. A 100% money back guarantee*
2. Access to the complete 12-month Eat For Lean nutrition program (powered by ProCoach)
3. 24/7 instant messaging via your own online dashboard (you can send me messages, and I can send them back…any time)
4. Complete gym AND home-based training programs
5. Scheduled monthly phone or Skype check-ins (for added support and accountability)

nutritionist | weight loss | health coach | precision nutrition

You can withdraw from the 12-month program at any time and you will NOT be charged again beyond the current monthly payment. However, the program is specifically designed using the latest nutrition and change psychology research to take you on a journey from incredibly simple habit practice, to some extraordinary changes later in the program. As such, I strongly encourage you to stick with the program until the end.

And remember, if you don’t look and feel better at the end of this program, I’ll give every dollar back, guaranteed*. I can’t be any fairer than that!

If you are committed to the 12-month program, you can enjoy significant savings by signing up for the quarterly or yearly packages instead.

Please fill out your details below (include your first and last name in the cardholder’s name field) and click the ‘Join Now’ button to get started.

I’m really looking forward to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.


Monthly Plan Signup Form

*Money Back Guarantee
Terms and Conditions

You must:

1. Remain in the program for the full 12 months
2. Adhere to at least 75% of the program
3. Submit measurements and progress photos when required

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