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Environmental design helps you take control of your life

Why is it so hard for us to replace bad habits with good habits, even when we know we should lose the fat and gain the muscle? Why do we find ourselves in the drive-through lane of our favourite fast food restaurant, when we know we should be eating nutritious food? Why do we decide […]

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What to eat before and after a workout

As you embark on your journey from replacing former poor eating habits with new healthy alternatives, you’ll get more and more comfortable making the right decisions for your general health and wellbeing. You’ll experience really positive fat loss results, and if coupled with a solid resistance training program, you may even be experiencing some really […]

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Can you lose body fat through exercise alone?

Do you go to the gym? How many times have you watched someone workout over several months, or even years, and witnessed a drastic body transformation? Unless it’s a great gym and everyone is being expertly coached through the process, I’m guessing the answer will be not many, and maybe even none! Even if you […]

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