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Two weight loss problems women face…and three solutions!

Two problems women face with their weight loss goals | Eat For Lean


I’m writing this article for the women of the world. As a man, I admit, I don’t know much about women. After all, men are from Mars and women are from Venus, right? But here’s what I do know.

You’re amazing! Seriously, I mean it.

By your very nature you are the caregivers among us. You are hardwired to make sure that everyone you are close to is happy and well taken care of. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum or high flying corporate executive (or both), most of the time your primary concern is for the people around you.

As a man, I also admit, you’re asked to do a lot. Often, household chores such as the shopping, cleaning, looking after the kids, cooking and plenty of other ‘jobs’ tend to fall mostly on your shoulders. That is a gross generalisation and this work split is very even in many households. But for many of you, you do way more than your fair share.

You may also have a career you’re trying hard to cultivate and grow. Or you’ve got a number of children at home that you look after full-time. As someone who works from home with a five-year-old son, I know how much effort that takes. I can only imagine what it must be like with even more children to take care of!

But here’s the thing. Despite the huge workload you all take on, from what I can tell, you actually love it (to a certain degree). Yes, you may get annoyed with us men at times for not helping as much as we should, but you do get a lot of satisfaction from supporting your family. Am I right?

Unfortunately, all of this work leads to two common weight loss issues women face

Trying to juggle everything that is going on in your life can be a huge drain on your energy. After you’ve dished out all of your energy for everyone else, there’s little or none left for yourself. That’s a problem.

Mental and physical exhaustion has a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. Maybe you’ve stopped going to your favourite gym classes, your favourite clothes don’t fit you quite as well as they used to, or the sugar cravings are getting more frequent because you want some sort of pleasure no matter how fleeting it might be.

After all these weeks, months and years of taking care of everyone else, you’ve forgotten to take some time out and look after yourself. Does this sound like you?

Once upon a time you would have had no problem checking yourself out in a mirror, or jumping on the scales to see how much you weigh. Now you avoid both like the plague. And you’ve probably tried a few different diets in your time, enjoying some initial success before rebounding back to your original weight (or maybe even a little higher).

It doesn’t have to be this way

As a Precision Nutrition accredited Level One Coach, I’m here to tell you that you can look, feel and move better than you do right now without turning your life upside down. In this article I’m going to give you a couple of strategies to help you get back into shape and leave those food cravings behind, while still doing what you love best, taking care of those you care about the most.

I want you to feel less stressed, confused and frustrated about the crazy amount of conflicting information in the health and fitness industry. Who wouldn’t be confused when one so-called expert is telling you to do one thing, while another is pointing you in the opposite direction.

So, no matter where you are in your journey, or how you’re feeling at the moment, I want to reassure you that you can make a huge difference to your health and wellbeing with just a few simple changes to your eating habits.

Let’s get started on solving two common weight loss problems women face.

Issues with overeating and emotional eating

Everyone can feel overwhelmed and overworked, and when we do, we react in different ways. For women that can mean overindulging in chocolate, ice-cream, wine, cake and any other treat you may have a sweet spot for.

The problem is, once that short term pleasure hit wears off, you’re often left with guilt and shame, in addition to the stresses and worries that led you down this path in the first place (they haven’t disappeared, even though you wish they had).

Here’s how a typical overeating and emotional eating spiral might play out:

  1. Get stressed about something
  2. Eat too much of something you shouldn’t
  3. Feel guilt and shame as soon as you finish
  4. Make an “I’ll do better from now on” promise to yourself
  5. Dive head first into a new diet, or something you’ve tried before that “worked”
  6. Feel stressed about the restrictive diet you’ve started
  7. Eat too much of something you shouldn’t
  8. Repeat the spiral again…and again…and again…

Does that sound like something you may have done before?

Solution to the issues with overeating and emotional eating

If you overeat or emotionally eat, write down the circumstances around that moment

The first thing I want you to do is download this Emotional Eating Worksheet. When you experience overeating or emotional eating, grab this sheet and quickly write down all of the things that were going on at the time. These can include:

  • Where were you?
  • What were you doing?
  • What were you thinking?
  • What were you feeling?
  • Who was with you?
  • Anything else you noticed?

Once you’ve quickly jotted down any information that’s relevant, think back a couple of hours. Ask yourself the same questions again and jot down anything that seems relevant.

When you’ve experienced a number of overeating or emotional eating episodes, take a look at the data and see if you can identify any patterns. Is there anything you notice? Is there anything you’re curious about?

If you don’t see any patterns, that’s ok. At least you’re becoming aware of the feelings, thoughts and situations that are causing your overeating and emotional eating episodes. This is a really good thing.

If you do see some patterns emerging, what solutions can you think of? For example, if you notice that every Friday after work you reach for the wine bottle when you get home, perhaps that’s a sign you’ve had a stressful week and you need some relief. So what could you do instead of downing that bottle of red?

Don’t get too hung up on finding solutions for everything straight away. Just being aware is a huge step forward. You can come up with solutions later, or now that you’re aware, you may naturally fall into a solution without putting too much thought into it.

Issues with diet, exercise and healthy habit consistency

Consistency is tough, especially when you’ve got so many other things going on in your life, like forging a career, raising children and maintaining healthy relationships with those you love. You know, real world stuff!

One problem with many diet and exercise solutions in the market place is they don’t really account for real life. So whenever you hit a real life roadblock while on some kind of restrictive diet or exercise program, there’s no real plan for that so you revert back to unhealthy habits. After all, most restrictive diet plans or exercise programs don’t teach you anything or help you form new habits. They just tell you what to do and you’re expected to follow word for word. Does that sound like something you can do forever?

Another problem with these sorts of diet and exercise plans is there’s rarely any ongoing support. Trying to make big changes to your dietary and exercise habits is tough, so having someone in your corner every step of the way is vital to your success.

Solution number ONE to your diet, exercise and healthy habit consistency issues

Finding a program that takes YOU into account, and everything that is going on in your life is paramount to your success. There’s no point choosing a program that is going to fall over at the first sign of trouble.

The Eat For Lean nutrition program (powered by ProCoach), is specifically designed to:

  • Use the skills you already have to achieve your goals
  • Navigate common weight loss problems women face
  • Work within the parameters of your life (kids, career, exercise, family, hobbies, holidays, etc.)
  • Be enjoyed with no stress or worry
  • Make you feel happy and positive about the process
  • Measure your progress periodically throughout
  • Provide accountability via daily emails, check-ins and a real life coach (me) who you can contact at any time (and I can contact you back as well)
  • Create healthy habits that last for life!

The Eat For Lean program (powered by ProCoach) has been tested on close to 100,000 people over the past 15+ years and the results have been extraordinary. Along with the results of that many clients, and the experience of that much time, millions of dollars have been spent updating and refining the system. You can be confident there is no other program on the market that compares.

If you want to find out more information about the program, watch the video below and/or click through to the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

If you know this is the program for you and you’d like to sign up right now, head to the Pricing Options and choose the best fit for you.


Solution number TWO to your diet, exercise and healthy habit consistency issues

Find a coach or someone you respect who can keep you accountable throughout your journey. Making changes to your dietary habits is hard enough when you take into account everything else going on in your life. So going it alone is a recipe for disaster.

So, who can you choose? Anyone who you know will be a shoulder to lean on when you need it, and give you a kick up the backside when you deserve it. Someone who you don’t want to disappoint when you report in every week to go through your plan, discuss the actions you’ve taken and share your results. That could be a partner, work colleague, friend, nutrition coach (hint, hint), or anyone who fits the criteria.

What you don’t need is a ‘yes’ person. Someone who will simply agree with everything you say, then offer you a biscuit because you’re not feeling 100%. You know, someone like Nana, or that kind friend of yours who you’re thinking of right now!

If you choose the Eat For Lean program, I will be that accountability for you. I will be there to coach you through the program every step of the way.

However, if Eat For Lean isn’t for you right now, that’s fine. At the end of the day I just want you to look, feel and move better, and achieve any goals you set. Solving these common weight loss problems women face can be done. Just get people around you who will support you on your journey, and believe that you can do it too.

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